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If not, then this website on computer hardware is right for you and if you do, then why not learn a little more? is designed to explain all the computer basics from understanding computer components to putting them together and building your own computer.

Through this website, you will:

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In building this website I seek to avoid all the 'computer jargon' and all the difficult computer terms, that are loaded up onto so many websites. This website will explain, step by step all the computer components through easily understood tutorials and any computer terms that need to be understood will be well explained.


If after this you are still frightened of computers and superstitious that they will just stop working, then read my article, Computers are not scary.


After you feel you have a significant knowledge in this area, then why not follow my guide to building your own computer and choosing the correct components for you.

If you're looking for business workstations, depending on the type of work you do, your needs can vary greatly.


Major computer companies do not always sell quality computers for cheap prices. Instead the advertisements often target those who understand little about computers.


After you have read this website and understood PC hardware, you will know what makes a computer and be able to build a quality desktop or notebook computer for a much cheaper price.


There are also many reviews on this site, designed to allow you to choose computer components that suit your needs.


If you have any questions than don't hesitate to contact me.


Ensure you have a top web host. Read ratings and reviews online.

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Useful Links: Other Great Websites
Useful Links: This page gives links to other great websites where you may find out some more information on a specific area.
Computer RAM
Computer RAM (Random Access Memory) or computer memory is crucial to a computer. This page will explain computer memory and its role inside a computer.
Computer Video Card
A computer video card is placed in the motherboard, where it transfers video signals through a cable to your monitor. This component is the video card.
CD RW Drives, Crucial component to the modern computer
Computer CD RW drives are another crucial component to a computer. They are useful for backing up and transfering files as well as reading CDs.
Hard Drive Magnets
Hard drive magnets are very strong. They are used in a hard drive to stabilize the actuator motor.
Choosing a Hard Drive
Choosing a hard drive can be a difficult and tedious job. This guide will explain how to choose a hard drive and find one that suits your needs.
How to Choose a CPU?
How to choose a CPU? Choosing a CPU can be extremely difficult. Hopefully using a few steps we can make this process easier and you will know what CPU fits your needs.
Choosing a Motherboard: an important component of the computer
Choosing a motherboard can be very difficult if you don't know what your looking for. This page will explain in detail how to choose a motherboard.
How to format a hard drive - With Vista
How to format a hard drive using Windows Vista? This computer hardware tutorial will explain in detail how to format a hdd. Whether you use Windows Vista or XP.
The SATA Cable replacing the IDE (PATA) cable
A SATA cable transfers data from the hard drive or CD drive to the motherboard where it is processed by the CPU.
Main Power Connector (20 pin)
The main power connector inside a computer connects from the power supply to the motherboard. This page will show what this cable looks like, what it does and how to install it.
4 Pin Power Connector
The 4 pin power connector (main power cable) provides additonal power for the motherboard. This page will explain what this 12 volt cable does and how to install it into your motherboard.
Peripheral Power Cable (4 Pin)
The peripheral power cable (4 pin) connects from the power supply to the hard drive or cd drive. This page will explain what this cable does and how to install it in a hard drive.
Choosing Computer Memory & Knowing what you need
Choosing computer memory and knowing how much you need for your specific situation can be a difficult undertaking. This page seeks to explain all this and you will know how to choose computer memory.
Choosing a Computer Monitor: LCD or CRT
Choosing a monitor can be difficult however this guide will make choosing your monitor a whole lot easier.
Choosing a Graphics Card
Choosing a graphics card and knowing what graphics card you need to suit your needs is very difficult. This page will explain how to determine your needs and how to choose a video card.
Master Boot Record (MBR)
The Master Boot Record (MBR) is a small program that starts when the computer is booting, in order to find the operating system (eg. Windows XP). This complicated process (boot process) finally
Power On Self Test (POST)
The Power On Self Test happens each time you turn your computer on. It sounds complicated and thats because it kind of is. Your computer does so much when its turned on and this is just part of that.
Computer Bios (Basic Inputer / Output System)
The primary function of the Computer Bios (Basic Input/Output System) is to identify and make sure that the major computer components such as the, CPU, Hard Drive and Optical Drives.
The Megahertz Myth - Are Hertz all that matter?
The megahertz myth is the incorrect understanding that gigahertz and megahertz are the only way of measuring how good a CPU is.
CMOS Battery
The CMOS battery (or the motherboard battery) has a unique purpose in a computer. This page will explain what the battery is, how to change the CMOS battery and how to remove the CMOS battery and a range of other things to do with that little computer battery inside your motherboard.
SATA vs IDE Explained | IDE vs SATA
SATA vs IDE Explained. This page will explain what is better SATA or IDE
How to reset BIOS Password
So how do you reset BIOS password? This page will show you how. In the BIOS setup is where your BIOS password would of been created. You have either forgotton the password, or someone gave you the computer and now you can't open your BIOS to edit some options.
How to reset the BIOS Password
So how do you reset the BIOS password? This page will show you how. In the BIOS setup is where your BIOS password would of been created. You have either forgotton the password, or someone gave you the computer and now you can't open your BIOS to edit some options.
Computer Hardware Tutorials
Computer hardware tutorials are the best way to learn about computer hardware. Watch a video tutorial or look at some photos to learn more.
What is a Motherboard (mobo)?
So what is a motherboard? A computer motherboard (also known as the mainboard) is one of the most crucial components of a computer. As the name suggests, a motherboard is the mother to all the other parts. In other words, everything in a computer connects to the motherboard. A motherboard (mobo) is the primary circuit board in a computer.
Intel Computer Hardware
Intel computer hardware consists mainly of motherboards and CPUs (processors). In 1971 Intel manufactured the first microprocessor chip the Intel 4004.
DDR2 RAM: Double Data Rate 2. This page explains what DDR2 RAM is and how you can identify it.
SDRAM: Learn about Computer Memory
This page explains what SDRAM is: Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
LCD Definition: LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display
LCD Definition: LCD stands for Liquid Crytsal Display. A LCD screen is a flat planel, thin screen that are used for: mobile phones, watches, computer screens, TVs, and many other technologies.
Choosing a Computer Case
Choosing a computer case, find out what computer case suits your needs.
PCI Slots (Peripheral Component Interconnect)
The Peripheral Component Interconnect slots, commonly known as the PCI slots, refers to a computer bus, that the computer uses to connect to peripheral add-on devices, such as network cards, sound cards and other extension cards.
Hertz: One cycle per second
Hertz Definition: One cycle per second. Abbreviation: Hz
Gigahertz: Billions of cycles per second
Definition of Gigahertz: 1,000,000,000 hertz or 1,000,000,000 cycles per second.
Megahertz: Millions of cycles per second
Definition of Megahertz: 1,000,000 hertz or 1,000,000 cycles per second.
Kilohertz: 1,000 hertz
Definition of Kilohertz: 1,000 hertz or 1,000 cycles per second.
Web Design - Computer Hardware
My name is Nathanael Vanderkolk and this is one of my websites. I am studying Web Design, Information Technology, at the moment and I work on websites, in my spare time.
The Computer Network Card (Ethernet Card)
A computer network card is used by computers to commmunicate with each other. The common technical terms for a network card are: a network adapter, a network interface card (NIC), a LAN adapter, or a Ethernet Controller. However, in basic terms and without too much computer jargon, a network card is just the way a computer talks to another computer.
DDR RAM: Double Data Rate. This page explains what DDR RAM is and how you can identify it.
How to Install RAM - Do it Yourself
This tutorial on how to install RAM is the third tutorial in the Build Your Own Computer Guide. This tutorial will instruct you on how to install computer memory into your motherboard along with images to help you.
How to install a CPU?
This tutorial on how to install a CPU, is one of the tutorials in the process of building your own computer. If you want to upgrade your CPU or replace an existing CPU then I suggest you read this tutorial on how to upgrade your processor.
Adobe Products
Adobe Products are some of the greatest editing and software programs around. I have used them in building this website. The website design is all done in Adobe Dreamweaver and all the images are done in Adobe Photoshop. Once you get the Adobe Products you will never look back.
Intel Core i7 965 Processor Extreme Edition BX80601965 - 3.20GHz, 8MB L3 Cache, 6.4GT/s QPI, Hyper Threading, Quad-Core, Bloomfield, LGA 1366, Unlocked Multiplier
There is lots of talk about the brand new Intel Core i7 Processors so I thought I would do a review on one of them. I chose the fastest of the lot, that being the Intel Core i7 965 Extreme Edition Processor BX80601965. This processor is extremely fast but extremely expensive and this review will way up whether it is worth the cost or not.
Thermaltake Soprano
The Thermaltake Soprano is one of my favorite Computer cases. I actually use this case for my computer. Not only does it have tons of room to fit everything inside but it also has many fans to keep the heating down. One of best computer cases on the market for the price!
Installing a Hard Drive
This tutorial on Installing a Hard Drive, is one of the tutorials in the process of building your own computer. This tutorial will hopefully explain to you the process of installing a hard drive into your brand new computer.
IDE Cables
IDE Cables: (integrated drive electronics). The cable that connects the motherboard to a hard drive, cd drive or floppy drive.
Installing a CD or DVD Drive
This tutorial is on install a cd drive into your computer. It uses images and is useful for either a SATA or IDE Drive.
Portable Hard Drive
Portable hard drive are one of the most useful external hard drives on the market. They are really small, which means they can fit in your pocket and their storage capacity is quite big.
Western Digital Portable Hard Drive
The Western Digital Portable Hard Drive is excellent quality. Western Digital is know for their high quality products and there are many people who will only buy Western Digital products.
Western Digital Hard Drives
Western Digital is known for being one of the best hard drive makers in the world. Many people will only buy Western Digital Hard Drives. Western Digital is also famous for their fast Raptor Drive, which runs up to speeds of 10,000 RPMs.
Western Digital External Hard Drives Review
This is a review on the Western Digital External Hard Drives. It will briefly introduce Western Digital and their products, before listing and reviewing a number of their external hard drives.
Western Digital Internal Hard Drive
This is a review on different kinds of the Western Digital Internal Hard Drive. It will give a brief introduction to Western Digital and their Internal Drives before listing a number of Western Digital's top drives and reviewing them.
Computer Hardware Search Results
This is the search result of
Hard Drive Manufacturers
This article is on hard drive manufacturers and it focuses on comparing them, giving you the pros and cons. My recommendation would be Western Digital and Seagate, but there are different benefits with different manufacturers.
Hard Drive Reviews
This page is dedicated to giving you the best hard drive reviews. It will look at all the different brands and styles (portable, external and internal) and then give some recommendations. It won't specifically review a certain hard drive, but it is the root directory for all the small reviews. So follow the links as you feel you need and find the appropriate hard drive reviews for you.
Seagate Hard Drives
Seagate hard drives are a great option for anyone looking to buy a hard drive. They are excellent quality and seagate is an excellent hard drive manufacturer.
Seagate External Hard Drives
This is a review on Seagate External Hard Drives. It gives a brief explanation of Seagate and External Hard Drives as well as a review on all different Seagate Hard Drives.
Seagate Portable Hard Drives
This is a review on Seagate portable hard drives. Portable hard drives are great for transfering your files from one computer to another and Seagate is the biggest hard drive manufacturer in the world.
Hard Drive Maintenance
Hard drive maintenance is an extremely important part of computer maintenance and for keeping your computer running smoothly.
Backing up Files
Backing up files: this article is written to show you what to backup and how to do it.
How Do Computers Work? - The Answer!
So how do computers work? Sometimes I look at a computer and am quite amazed at how they work? How does a box of computer bits, connect with software and make a computer work? This article will attempt to show you the answer to that difficult question.
Computer Keyboard - A Very Important Input Device
The computer keyboard is a very important input device for your computer. There are so many types of keyboards, styles of keyboards, uses for keyboards and more. This article will attempt to cover these in brief detail and link to some other articles where you can find more information.
Computer Keyboard Layout - Understanding the Keyboard
Learning the computer keyboard layout is an important step in becoming proficient at the computer. It is good to be able to know your way around the computer keyboard, because it increases your speed and proficiency.
Types of Computer Keyboards - Gaming, Ergonomic, Numeric & More
There are so many different types of computer keyboards. There are ergonomic keyboards, gaming keyboards, numeric keyboards, laptop keyboards and more. This article is designed to show and explain the different types and help you find one that is going to suit your needs.
Computer Ergonomic Keyboard
A computer ergonomic keyboard is a computer keyboard that is designed to provide minimal muscle strain and diminish possible health problems. The ergonomic keyboard reduces health risks, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and also increases the speed of your typing.
Gaming Keyboards - The must-have for every Gamer!
Gaming Keyboards are very popular amongst hard-core gamers. They not only provide benefits to the user but they also are a great way for the computer gamer to show off his cool computer keyboard.
The Apple Keyboard - Compared to the PC Keyboard
This article seeks to explain what an Apple Keyboard is and what the differences between that and a normal PC keyboard are.
Portable Computer Keyboards - Roll Up Keyboards, Foldable Keyboards and More
There are so many different types of portable computer keyboards. A few of these include roll up keyboards, foldable keyboards and more. This article seeks to fully explain the types of portable computer keyboard, its different uses and its benefits and negatives.
Cleaning Computer Keyboards - Tips & Tricks
This article is written to explain the process of cleaning computer keyboards. Maybe you have dust, dirt and hair in your keyboard, or maybe you have spilt some liquid onto the computer keyboard? If so this article is going to provide some tips and techniques on how to clean a computer keyboard.
How to Install a Network Card - Tips & Techniques
This article seeks to explain the process of installing a network card. Hopefully after you have read this tutorial, you will be able to answer the question, how to install a network card.
Wireless Network Cards - The Benefits of Wireless & the Different Types
This article describes the wireless network cards. It covers the different types of wireless cards and explains the many benefits in having a wireless network.
Computer Network Cables
This article is simply designed to just explain what computer network cables are, and how you can identify the different types and categories.
CAT 5 Network Cable - Exploring Computer Network Cables
This page has been written to simply explain what the Cat 5 Network Cable is and the different ways you can use it.
CAT 5e Network Cable - Exploring Computer Network Cables
This page has been written to simply explain what the Cat 5e Network Cable is and the different ways you can use it.
CAT 3 Network Cable - Exploring Computer Network Cables
This page has been written to simply explain what the Cat 3 Network Cable is and the different ways you can use it.
CAT 6 Network Cable - Exploring Computer Network Cables
This page has been written to simply explain what the Cat 6 Network Cable is and the different ways you can use it.
CAT 7 Network Cable - Exploring Computer Network Cables
This page has been written to simply explain what the Cat 7 Network Cable is and the different ways you can use it.
Gigabit Ethernet - The Faster Alternative to Computer Networks
This article is designed to describe and explain what a gigabit ethernet network is, and the benefits to having one installed in your business or home.
History of Computer Keyboards - The QWERTY Keyboard
This article seeks to explain the history of computer keyboards and how the computer keyboard has impacted our modern lives today. The history of the computer keyboard is quite extraoridnary and the QWERTY keyboard you type on today has developed over a long period of time.
AGP Graphics Slot Explained - Accelerated Graphics Port
Read this article for information on the AGP Graphics Slot and have the details of the Accelerated Graphics Port explained to you in detail. Also compare the PCI-E Express Slot to the AGP Graphics Slot.
What is a Sound Card - Sound Cards Explained
What is a Sound Card? It doesn't matter what you use your computer for, it is important to know how to use a computer sound card and how you can make the most of this important computer component.
Buying a Motherboard - Tips on How to Buy a Motherboard
This articles seeks to explain and provide information on buying a motherboard and the various tips and techniques involved in choosing a very important component of your computer.
What is a Computer Case - Computer Cases Explained
Don't know what a computer case is? Read this article explaining what is a computer case and how you can choose the right computer case for your needs.
What is Computer Hardware - Computer Components Explained
Find out what is computer hardware and have the different computer components explained. Computer hardware is collated from a variety of parts, such as the hard drive, motherboard, ram, cpu, keyboard, mouse and more.
Difference Between Computer Software and Hardware | What is the difference?
Discover the difference between computer software and hardware! This article is designed to show you the difference and seeks to explain how computer hardware and software work together.
PC Video Cards for Online Gaming
Looking for PC Video Cards for Online Gaming? Computer Hardware Explained shows the best games for online gaming. Also find the best video cards for online gaming.
Upgrading Your Laptop Makes a World of Difference
Computer technology is moving on all the time, and if you've had the same old laptop for a few years now, it's likely to be showing the strain when running the latest applications and games.
Computers are not scary. Or are they?
Are you a person who feels that if you click something wrong then the whole computer will stop working or blow up? If so, then this page on computers are not scary, is the right one for you.




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