4 Pin Power Connector

4 Pin Power Connector4 pin power connector

The 4 pin power connector cable (12 volt cable) is designed to give extra power support to the motherboard. These two extra 12 volt cables (two yellow, two black) give the motherboard the option of accessing more power (through these cables). They generally help support the CPU but can be used for other things.

If your motherboard doesn’t have the extra port then you won’t need this additional power. However, if your motherboard has this port but your power supply doesn’t have the cable then you will need to either purchase a new power supply or buy an adapter that turns the 4 pin peripheral cable into this 12 volt cable. This cable is sometimes called the ATX12V or P4 cable but neither of these is technically correct.

On the right is a picture with three steps. These show how to install a 4 pin power cable into your motherboard.

Firstly you need to find the cable amongst all the power supply cables. Next have a look on your motherboard for the port and then you should notice an indentation on the motherboard and an indentation on the cable. Connect these together (the cable will only go in one way). Once the latch clicks back then your done.

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