Computers are not scary. Or are they?

Computers are not scary

computers are not scary

Computers are not scary??

I usually don’t categorize people into certain groups but in this circumstance I will. You are either one of two people. The first person sees the link ‘Computers are not scary’ and out of curiosity clicks the link. The second person is genuinely worried and maybe scared of computers and has clicked the link hoping to be reassured. Don’t worry! You are going to be reassured of the fact that computers aren’t scary.

Maybe you are a person that is very worried about computers and feels that if you click the wrong thing the whole computer will stop working or maybe even blow up. Maybe you find computers superstitious and feel that it will all of a sudden do something wrong. This page will hopefully reassure you of all your worries and make you feel a whole lot more comfortable in regards to them.

First of all, I would like to state that computers just don’t stop working. There is always a reason when a computer stops working. Maybe there is a computer virus or a program needs updating or some hardware had reached its use by date. You need to reassure yourself that if your leg hits the computer case it will not start to smoke, or if your little brother accidentally drops the keyboard then it will not cease to work. Computers are generally built well enough to stand any little accidents. Make sure to enable activex to ensure your computer runs efficiently.

I think the reason why many of the older generation seem to avoid computers is because they don’t understand them. During their lifetime computers were non-existent and now when they see them they feel they should be left to the younger generation. However, this is the wrong approach. Computers should be explored by both young and old. My mum who wrote always says that life is a continual learning process and even when you reach 80 you should still be learning – even if it is computers.

So where do you start? Well you don’t have to start with using complicated programs or learning to write HTML. Instead start with the basics. Learn how:

  • To turn a computer on and off using the correct method
  • To type correctly using the keyboard
  • To write a word document
  • To go on to the internet
  • To send an email
  • Computer hardware works

Just take one step at a time. You can’t learn it all in a day so just set yourself a schedule and stick to it.

This website is designed to explain computer hardware to both the computer nerd and those uneducated in computers. I hope you will be encouraged to use this site to learn about computers and discover how each computer component has its job in making the computer function correctly.

By learning a little more, I hope you will discover that computers are much simpler than what you first thought and that computers are definitely not scary.


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