How to learn about Computer Hardware

How to learn about computer hardware?

Well, how do you learn about computer hardware? I think the only way to really learn and to really understand computer hardware is to actually open up a computer and have a look yourself. This website explains many computer essentials and each computer component but to really have a knowledge of computer hardware you must see it yourself. learn about computer hardware

How I learnt about Computer Hardware

This was the way I learned about computer hardware. In Sydney, Australia where I live we have a council cleanup. During this time, everyone puts out rubbish and their junk onto the side of the road for the council to pick up on a certain date. Included in this rubbish were computers, lots of computers. So when this council cleanup was in my area, I would jump on my bike (often with some of my brothers) and ride around looking at the junk piles.

I started to collect computers and have a look inside them. I was really interested in how these complicated machines worked. Then I started to fiddle with some of the components and learn what each one did. I wanted to upgrade my computer so I tried adding a hard drive. I didn’t know how so I searched Google or got a book from the library.

After successfully doing this, I thought that my CPU (central processing unit) was a bit slow, so I tried to change that. Now this was my embarrassing moment and one that I look back on and laugh. Now in my family we have many computers. Mum had just bought a new computer so I received her last one. She hadn’t taken any information of it yet, so she didn’t want it to break. Well her computer that she gave me had an AMD, 700MHz chip and I found in my searching through junk, an Intel 1GHz Pentium III.

I didn’t really understand computer hardware so I thought that you could just swap any CPU. So I took Mum’s AMD chip out and then tried to squeeze my Pentium III chip in its place. Of course it didn’t fit, since an Intel chip can’t go in an AMD motherboard. However, this didn’t stop me. I started to bend the pins on the Intel chip so that it would fit in the AMD motherboard and eventually it did. I turned it on and then smelt something burning and then I saw something burning.

I had completely blown up everything in the computer. My mum wasn’t happy as she lost her information and my computer (my first computer) didn’t work anymore. What a learning experience!

This was my first major computer accident and I can tell you I have had many more. Now I don’t recommend opening a computer and trying to squeeze Intel chips into AMD motherboards; but I do recommend that you try to learn about computer hardware. The best way to do this is to get your hands dirty and open up a computer. Find out the
computer basics

and then try for yourself. Why not learn how to install a CPU or add an additional hard drive?


I used to work with the Senior Computer Club President in our local suburb. He worked with older computers and tried fixing them. Then if they broke, it wasn’t the end of the world as he didn’t spend a fortune buying the parts. So when you learn about computer hardware start with the older stuff and then when you feel ready proceed to using quality computer parts.

This page was designed to show that no matter how many computer terms you know, you will never really learn about computer hardware unless you get some hands on practice.

After successfully constructing a PC to your liking, software management and security are necessary actions to ensure the safety of the device. Receiving information assurance training in security, can provide you with a wealth of knowledge concerning the safety of the internal components in your new PC.

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