Computer Keyboard – A Very Important Input Device

The Computer Keyboard

So What is a Computer Keyboard and How does it work?

computer keyboard

A computer keyboard is an input device that connects to your computer and sends signals between that and the computer.

Now nearly every computer user has a keyboard. I can nearly guarantee that you are using one right now.

Everyone knows what a computer keyboard is, but not everyone knows how to use a keyboard of how a keyboard works.

That is what this article, on learning the computer keyboard is about. Or looking to learn the history of the computer keyboard, then go no further then this in-depth article.

Computer Keyboard Layout

This article is written to explain the computer keyboard layout. Now most likely your keyboard is the QWERTY layout, because this layout is the most typical and popular and the majority of the world types on a QWERTY keyboard layout.

However this article will cover the other keyboard layouts, as well as explaining the different parts of keyboard, eg. the Function keys, the numerical keypad and more.

Types of Computer Keyboards

There are also a number of types of computer keyboards. There are laptop keyboards, normal keyboards, ergonomic keyboards, thumbsize keyboards, gaming keyboards, numeric keyboards and others. This article will attempt to cover each of these types and help explain what they are and their certain benefits.

Read more about the different types of computer keyboards here.

Cleaning Computer Keyboards

It is also important to learn how to clean computer keyboards. This article will go through the process of cleaning a keyboard and explaining some do’s and don’ts. Read more here.


As you can see there is a lot to learn about the computer keyboard. I hope these articles on the keyboard will prove useful to your understanding of the keyboard and your understanding of the entire computer.


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