Basic computer tutorial

Basic computer tutorial

The interesting thing about the basic operation of a computer is that while it can be a huge challenge for newbies to use it, it can be almost second nature to those who have been using it for some time. as a computer user, you should learn how to start and use all the basic installed programs on your computer system. This basic computer tutorial will guide you how to start the most commonly used programs in your Windows system.

  • Start Button – This is from where you can access all the installed programs on your computer. It is located at the left hand bottom side of the screen (on desktop).
  • All Programs – Once you click on “start” button, a menu will pop-up and display the list of the recently used programs. It will also have a tab at the bottom, “All Programs.” Move the mouse over the tab and it will display the list of all the standard and installed programs on the computer. This will include everything from Microsoft Office to Games to the media players and every other program installed on the system. Click on any of these programs to run them.

If you right click on the program, you will get a variety of options. Click on ‘Properties’ and it will provide valuable information about the software and its location.

  • Installing New Programs – Installing new computer programs is extremely easy. Even those with computer basics knowledge can install many types of applications without the need for advanced knowledge. You will have to download or save the exe. file on your computer. Press the exe. file and follow all the steps prompted by the installation window and you could easily complete the installation process. Usually, most software will have recommended settings and you will not have to consider any customised settings.
  • Removing Computer Programs – While installing a new program will require downloading and/or saving a software’s executable file from a source, removing (or uninstalling) an application can be even easier. Use the following steps for uninstalling programs –
  • Click Start button
  • Click Control Panel
  • Click Programs and Features (in Windows Vista) (Click Add/Remove Programs in older Windows versions)
  • Right click on the program from the list that appears and click “Uninstall”
  • Follow all the instructions as prompted by the Uninstallation window
  • Installing & Using Antivirus – One of the most important aspects of computer basics involves installing and using antivirus software. Without such a program it will not be able to use your system effectively, with a there always being a malware/virus threat.

Installation of antivirus is easy. You will have to download or save the antivirus software to your computer system and install it by running the “setup” file. Once installed, you can schedule regular scans and updates or you can set both the functions for manual operation. In the latter case you will have to run manual scans and updates on a periodic basis.

These are the most basic functions related to using your computer. However, additional usage will depend on the specialised functions you need from your system. For example, you could be using Microsoft Word, Excel or other software based on your specific requirements.

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