Buying a Motherboard – Tips on How to Buy a Motherboard

Buying a Motherboard

The Computer Motherboard is the main component of all the computer devices. It connects all the main components of the computer system to ensure that they work in a consistent way.

Choosing the best part of a computer (the motherboard) is one of the most crucial and difficult jobs. In the initial phase of this article, the tips on buying a motherboard for the gaming computer is discussed:

  • Choosing the CPU The CPU is the most crucial thing to decide about when looking to decide about which motherboard to buy. Many people are of the view that the CPU selection has nothing to do with the motherboard, but in reality this affects it the most. In case of the Intel CPU, the socket has to be of 775 motherboard, because otherwise the CPU will not fit into the motherboard and will cause problems. Thus when buying a motherboard, the CPU configuration has to be kept in mind.
  • Over clocking Features: When people are looking to over clock their CPU; they need to have their motherboard with the adjustable FSB speed and the CPU voltage that resides in small increments too.
  • Computer RAM – The motherboard must be able to carry and support RAM of DDR2 or DDR3. DDR3 RAM is considered to be the fastest RAM in the market these days. Along with the type of RAM, the speed of the computer memory also needs to be considered. There are a number of motherboards that can support DDR2 with 667MHz of RAM, while the new and the latest one has a capability to support DDR2 with 1066MHz of speed.
  • SATA Controller: the SATA II has an ability to store the data in a double quantity when compared with the SATA I. In the gaming sector, each and every speed counts and has an impact on the deciding of the game results. However the compatibility of the SATA II is backward as compared to the SATA I. Thus today it is always recommended to use the motherboard that can support SATA II rather than just SATA I. In case, one is using or planning to get RAID, the number of SATA II ports on the motherboard must be at least four.
  • SLI: having the motherboard SLI (or Crossfire) ready means you can double the graphical designs for the high performing graphical card. The result is the better and more realistic video effects and much faster speed. However all motherboards, don’t support this specific feature. With video displays getting advancements in the coming days, the crossfire and SLI modification is also becoming imperative. Therefore for the future gaming industry it is always better to make use of SLI new technology to enjoy the games.
  • All motherboards have various features; many have more components as compared to the others. For the gaming purposes, the video and audio configuration may not be that much needed because they are not that essential for the gaming sessions. At the same time other things like firewire, front-panel LED and USB2.0 are also taken into account when deciding for the gaming motherboard.
  • The best tip for buying a motherboard is to study the market of the motherboard before making any purchase in this respect. All the options in the market must be compared well and then final decision must be taken.

Making the Customized Motherboard

Many people go for the customized computer and for this reason they need to get the best motherboard and one which is able to fulfill all requirements. The proper and right selection of the motherboard is very crucial as it determines the overall working of the computer system. As discussed before the motherboard is the art of the computer system because all parts and components of the computer system are attached to it. Thus for the best performance of the computer system, the motherboard has to be the best.


The very first and the most important component of the motherboard is the chipset. It is the main connector of the system thus it ensures that all the components are well organized and connected and able to work effectively. Chipset is called to act as a bridge between the data components and the Central Processing Unit, thus it makes the crucial connection possible.

Computer Memory

The memory must be supported enough to allow all the components to work in an effective manner. For the motherboard too, the system must be able to contain that much memory which user is intended to use. For the official usage, the graphical design cards are the better option available for the user. This way the intention will be drawn towards getting the higher performance CPU. For this reason one must focus on what you actually want to do with the computer system, how much are you going to use and in what respect the usage will be. Again before while studying the tips for buying a motherboard, check all the available options and then choose the best from many.

Computer Graphics

The graphic hardware is also to be decided upon when looking for the required motherboard.  Normally motherboards come with certain build in graphic styles which function as the basic necessity system but on the other hand, if the graphic card is required; then one must see the AGP or PCI Express connections to support the advanced graphics. Thought today the PCI-E is thought to replace the AGP, the factor is now being considered less crucial to consider as the time goes by.


Form of the Motherboard

Choosing the right form factor of the motherboard is also one of the most crucial factors to consider. The most common and the most accepted form is the ATX. It is today’s’ most used computer factor form. The one micro ATX is also said to be similar to the ATX; only with the difference that it is made for the smaller design systems.


As you can see there is a lot to learn on buying a motherboard. I hope this article, providing the various tips on buying a motherboard, has been helpful to your understanding.


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