Choosing a Computer Case

Choosing a Computer Case

Choosing a computer case can be difficult if you don’t know what your looking for. The range of computer cases is huge and bigger then its ever been. So how do you find one that suits you. This guide will explain how to choose a computer case that suits your needs.

What’s your budget

The first step in choosing a computer case is working out how much you are willing to spend on a case. If you would like to save money then don’t spend a fortune on your case.

However, if you do buy a decent case then it will be unnecessary to upgrade for a long time. I would say that your case should cost about 5%-10% of your entire budget. So if you are willing to spend $AU1000 on your computer, then spend from $50-$100 on your case.

What’s your needs

The second step in choosing a computer case is making sure that it has enough room to house all your components. If you have two CD drives then get a case that has room for the three drives. Put one at the top and one at the bottom leaving space in between for cooling. Do the same for your hard drives and floppy drives. Also make sure that your motherboard can fit inside the case. Some cases are smaller then others and some motherboards are bigger then others so make sure your motherboard will fit.

Next make sure that there is at least one fan built into the case. I would recommend two fans at least and if you are really worried about your equipment over-heating then get another fan.

I have a friend who is very worried about over-heating. He has about 6 fans inside his computer and when he turns it on it sounds like an airplane taking off and all the lights in his house go dim.

So if your prepared for a little more noise then its a good idea to get an extra fan to cool your equipment down. However, don’t get paranoid about fans, one or two should be fine and unless there is no circulation your hardware should survive.

Computer Case Style

The last thing to do in choosing a computer case, is to choose what you want the case to look like. Do you want a black or white case, a fancy or plain case. The range of computer cases on the market is huge so select one that you like. If you would prefer a cheap computer case then choose a plain one. Many computer cases come with extras at the front like USB and ports for a headset. These can be very useful and are worth it for the extra money.

Soprano Computer Case

My Recommendation

My recommendation for choosing a computer case would be to buy a decent case the first time. Computer CPUs, computer hard drives, computer memory and the other components gradually go out of date. On the other hand the computer case stays the same and rarely breaks.

It is like buying a house, everything inside changes (the bathroom, living room, carpet etc.) but the house remains the same (on the outside that is).

Also when you buy a house you prefer it to look good and stylish on the outside, the same applies to buying a case. Why not buy a stylish case or something that looks really cool?

Andy, my friend, recommended me to buy the computer case (the Thermaltake Soprano on the right) and I have never looked back. For years to come I will have a strong and stylish house for all my computer hardware.

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