Choosing a Computer Monitor: LCD or CRT

Choosing a Monitor

The first step in choosing a computer monitor is working out how much you want to spend. If you don’t want to spend much then you can probably go to the local $2 shop or junk shop and maybe you will find a $30 CRT monitor there. However the CRT monitor is quickly going out of date so I would highly recommend getting a LCD monitor.

Not only is it clearer and easier to view but it is much easier to move and it saves a huge amount of space on your desk.

choosing a monitor

LCD monitors range in price from about $200 – $2000. The LCD monitors have gone down in price so much that you can buy a 17″-19″ monitor for around $200. If you would prefer a larger size monitor then you will have to pay more.

I would say that for most users a 19″ monitor is big enough and I would also recommend buying a widescreen monitor. As I said before the widescreen monitor takes less stress off moving your head and you can view widescreen movies and see two pages at the same time.


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