Choosing Computer Memory & Knowing what you need

Choosing Computer Memory

Choosing computer memory and knowing how much you need for your specific situation can be a difficult undertaking. This page seeks to explain all this and you will know how to choose computer memory. You will buy computer memory in two circumstances: first you are building a computer and need the computer memory or you are upgrading your computer.

What’s your budget?

The first important step in choosing computer memory is working out what your budget is. You may think that working how much computer memory you need is more important but I beg to differ, because no matter how much you need if your not willing to buy it then you won’t have it. I would say that computer memory should take about 10% of your entire budget. So if you are willing to spend $1000 on your computer then you should spend around $100 on your computer RAM. Centon 4096MB PC6400 DDR2<br>Centon Dual Channel 4096MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz Memory (2 x 2048MB)

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What’s your Motherboard

The first important step in choosing computer memory is checking your motherboard to make sure the RAM you buy will actually fit into the motherboard. If you buy the RAM that cannot fit in your motherboard then you have wasted your time. DDR RAM will only go in a DDR slot and the same goes for DDR2, SD RAM and others. Your motherboard manual will have all the details as to what RAM can go in the slots or to find out what slot you have read this page on memory slots.

What’s your needs?

The second step in choosing computer memory is working out how much you need. Computer memory is one of those components that you can never get enough of. The more RAM you have the better your computer will function.

So I would say buy as much as you are willing to spend. Your operating system uses much of your memory so it is important to refer to the minimum requirements of that operating system to find out how much you need. Windows Vista minimum is 512Mb and 1Gb is recommended. The table below will help you identify your needs and hopefully you can work out what your needs are.

Computer UserRAMCost
The Basic Computer User:

Uses his/her computer for surfing the internet, sending emails and writing up basic documents.

Middle Range User:

Uses his/her computer for surfing the internet, sending emails, writing up documents, other applications and for basic games.

Common Computer User:

Uses his/her computer like the middle range user except that this user plays better games (not the latest) uses more advanced programs (such as photoshop etc.) and uses his/her computer for entertainment purposes such as music, tv and watching movies.

Hard Core Gamer or Video Editor:

Uses his/her computer for playing hard-core games or for intensive applications and programs, or forhigh-end video editing.


My Recommendation

My recommendation for computer RAM would be at least 512mb of RAM and preferably 1Gb. I would also recommend buying Kingston or Corsair RAM as they are know for their good quality and I have had no trouble with them.

If you are serious in building/buying a computer make sure that you don’t be skimpy on the RAM. As I said before the more RAM you have the faster and smoother your computer will be.

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