Computer Hardware Articles

Computer Hardware Articles

On this page I will place computer hardware articles. I will continually add to this page so come and have a look every now and then. Want to write your own article? If you do please fill in the form below and I will add your article as soon as I can.

Computers are not scary

Computers are not scary? Or are they? Find out here. This article will list some of the common reasons people are scared of computers and also show some ways to overcome your fear.

How to Learn about Computer Hardware

This article on how to learn about computer hardware shows the many ways to become familiar with the computer parts. The first step is do. Find out more.

What happens when you turn your Computer On?

The boot process is something that happens every time you turn your computer on. You don’t really see it, because it happens so fast. You press the power button come back a few minutes later and Windows XP, or Windows Vista, or whatever Operating System you use is all loaded.

Hard Drive Magnets

Hard drive magnets can be heaps of fun. I take them out of my old hard drives and distribute them to my brothers. They can be useful for holding things together and are fun to fiddle with. Find out more…..

How to Buy Computer Hardware

How to buy computer hardware? Buying computer hardware can be quite difficult. There is such a wide range, that it can be bewildering to choose the right parts. However, it is important to have a look around at the different places so that you can buy the best piece of computer hardware for the best and most affordable price. Find out more….

How Do Computers Work?

Have you ever just looked at a computer and go “how does that work”? If you think about it, computers are quite amazing. You press a few buttons and you can talk to your friend over the other side of the world, you can learn anything you want on the internet, you can listen to music, watch TV, write stories, make videos and do much much more. 

The more you think about it the more amazing it is and the more crazy it is that a bunch of computer bits can do this. So how do computers work?

What is Computer Hardware

What is Computer Hardware and how does it work in your computer? Find out about the different computer parts and the differenct components on this article.

Difference between Computer Software and Hardware

So what’s the differnce between computer software and hardware? Find out by reading this article.

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