Computer Networking Basics

Computer Networking Basics

Most computer users and PC game users fancy how to setup a local home network for entertainment or other purposes. The basic steps are simple and your computer systems have almost everything for the setup, except you will have to get a hardware known as Ethernet crossover cable. It is extremely cheap and can be found online or from the nearest computer hardware store. The following computer networking basics will help you setup your home LAN network.

  • Connect the systems – Connect your PC and/or laptops using the Ethernet crossover cable. The clips must be locked to the Ethernet port. Once properly connected, the computers will display a new icon close to the clock
  • Right click on the icon and select “network connections” (you could also open “network connections” from the control panel). If you have the latest Windows OS, open “Manage Network Connections” from “Network & Sharing Centre” from within Control Panel.
  • Right click on “Local Area Connection” and select “Properties.” Double click on “Internet Protocol” and select “Use the following IP address” box. Fill the fields with the following details:

IP Address: <default IP address of the system>

Subnet mask:

Default gateway: <leave empty>

Fill up this information in the IP settings of all the connected computers.

  • Once done click on “Ok.”

Follow all the above-mentioned steps on the other computer and enter the IP addresses and other details.

If the computer systems don’t have the same workgroup name, follow these additional steps:

  • Right click on “My Computer” and click on “Properties”
  • Click on “Computer Name” tab and select “Change”
  • Enter the name of the PCs so that all of them have the same name
  • Click on “Ok” and restart both the devices

Once done, you are ready to play multi-player games or share files and folders across the LAN network. There is no need for advanced knowledge of computer networking basics to be able to play your favourite multi-player games.

  • Start the video game on all the PCs (you will have to ensure that the game is installed on the other computer system as well)
  • Choose the multi-player mode from the game
  • Host a new game from one PC
  • Ask the players on the other connected PC to enter multi-player mode and join this hosted game

Similarly sharing files and folders between the connected computers is also easy. Use the following steps for the purpose of file transfer:

  • Right click on the folder that needs to be shared
  • Click on properties
  • Click on the “sharing” tab
  • Click on “enable sharing”
  • Now open the network and access all the files that need to be shared between the connected computers

Using these steps you could easily connect two computer systems in your home. If you need to install multiple systems in a private or public network, it will be required to use advanced Ethernet hardware.

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