Does my computer have a Sound Card?

Does my computer have a Sound Card?

by Kimberly


Thanks for your article on sound cards.

I was given a used computer and it doesn’t play any sound or music.

I am trying to find if it has a sound card already installed in it. If so I need to find out whether it is installed on the motherboard or whether it is an independent one. I can’t find it.

Obviously I don’t know much about this and I don’t really know what to look for. It looks like the computer is a Microsoft XP with a Legacy Audio Driver? Whatever that means..

Could really use some help. Thanks

Hi Kimberley,

Thanks for your question about whether your computer has a sound card or not. It seems that your computer probably does have a sound card, because of the audio drivers installed.

This means that it is probably an in-built sound card on the motherboard. However, it could be a separate card as well. What I would recommend is installing the motherboard drivers that hopefully would of come with the computer.

If you don’t know the motherboard type, you could download a program call CPUZ, which will tell you. Once you have the motherboard, do a Google search and download the Windows XP drivers.

Hopefully that will help,
Kind Regards


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If you still can’t find the problem

by: Ellen

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Did you manage to solve the issue?

by: Anonymous

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by: clarkjefferson

Every motherboard has a builtin sound card maybe should have to re install the sound card driver if you have the installation disc or you can search it on the internet for the driver.

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Sep 08, 2015


by: Anonymous

These days almost every computer should have a sound card, if not you could go with it at the company from where you bought it to ask its experts to incorporate one in it. Further, you should take some measures to protect your computer from damages, one of them should be to buy a quality Pelican case to put your computer in it whenever you need it outside your house.

Sep 03, 2015 review

by: Vicki E. Crosswhite

Sound cards work in a most typical fashion and it is unfortunate that sellers do not mention how to use them properly. However, you can install add-ons from the internet to ensure your sound card works properly without any concern.

Aug 23, 2015


by: Anonymous

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Jul 29, 2015


by: garry

Even if you have the soundcard in your computer you must install the driver CD in the computer. Then only the sound will play. If you have the installation CD with you just run the disc in the computer it will install

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