Hard Drive Maintenance

Hard Drive Maintenance


Hard drive maintenance is a very important step in computer maintenance. Maintaining your hard drive is one of the best ways to keep your computer running smoothly and fast. As you work on your computer, adding programs, installing patches and generally just using your computer, it just seems to get slower and slower.


Your hard drive is filling up with junk and it needs to be cleaned up so that it can run smoothly again. After a while, your computer can get so slow that it is nearly unbearable to work on. If you get this problem, then I suggest you do some hard drive maintenance.


There are a number of steps that can fix this problem. Keep reading and you will come to them.


Defragging your Hard Drive

Defragging your hard drive is a great step in hard drive maintenance. Over time your hard drive becomes more and more fragmented.

Disk Defragmenter is a tool that Windows Vista and Windows XP provide to clean up your hard drive. To learn how to do a disk defragment on your hard drive, go to this page.

Disk Cleanup

Another option for hard drive maintenance is the Disk Cleanup Option. This program allows you to cleanup your hard drive and remove excess program files, internet downloads and other stuff that is taking up valuable room.

disk cleanup windows vista

For more information on Disk Cleanup and how to run it, please go to this page that describes the disk cleanup process for both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Error Checking

If you are having heaps of problems with your hard drives, it may be worth testing the hard drive for errors. Simply go to My Computer, right click on the hard drive you would like to test and click properties. Go to the tools tab and you will see an option for error checking.

For more help on this, see this article on error checking.

Deleting Old Files

There is no Windows tool available for this, however this is just the process of going through your old files and deleting the unnecessary ones. You may have old programs that you no longer need, or you may have unnecessary backups of old files that you do not need.

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