Hard Drive Manufacturers

Hard Drive Manufacturers

This article is written to compare the different hard drive manufacturers and hopefully you will be able to locate the HDD manufacturer that suits your needs.



I will list the most popular hard drive manufacturers and the ones that most people will buy from. There are many more manufacturers than this, but in my opinion these are the only one’s that you need to know about.


  • Fujitsu
  • Fujitsu makes small form factor hard drives for laptops, as well as high performance SCSI drives used in the server market. They also make removable computer media and in 2008 announced that Iosafe will be using Fujitsu hard drives in their fire safe hard drives.

    So in my opinion, Fuijitsu is a good option for any of the above options. If you want a normal hard drive for a good price than Fuijitsu would not be my first option.

  • Hitachi Global Storage (IBM)

    Hitachi and IBM has completed an agreement to combine its hard disk drive operations in 2002. IBM systems provide scalable and simple data storage for better integrated infrastructures. They have many blade servers or clusters that offer storage for small and large businesses that are flexible and innovative.

    Information can be found here for both Hitachi’s drive lines as well as the IBM line of drives. They offer a wide range of products in many sizes with hard drive capacity, performance and reliability.

    In my opinion these are very high quality hard drives. IBM is one of the oldest computer companies in the world, so their products are quite good. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy either a hard drive from IBM or Hitachi.

  • Imitation(®)
  • Imitation hard drives are mostly known for their external and portable selection of drives. They are an industry leading solid state storage technology that provide solutions for drive-intensive applications and environments that experience heat and cold temperatures.

    If you are looking for a portable or external hard drive, than these drives are not a bad option.

  • LaCie®
  • LaCie is a hard drive manufacturer that is popular for their external, RAID and mobile hard drives. LaCie® builds high performance storage products that are reliable and attractive additions to your buiness or home media entertainment center.

    LaCie are a good option for external drives. There mobile drives are also very stylish and easy to bring around.

  • Maxtor
  • Maxtor was founded in 1982 and in 2005 was the third biggest hard drive manufacturer in the world. In 2006 they were sold to Seagate and became a subsidiary of Seagate.

    They are also the manufacturer of the popular DiamondMax line of PC hard drives and high performance SCSI server drives. From DAS (direct attached storage) to Network storage drives this division of Seagate Technology® makes some of the most reliable hard drives built for the home, office or enterprise.

    Maxtor hard drives have always been one of the highest performing hard drives in the business and I will never turn back from buying one. They are generally well priced and have a good warranty. Find more information on this review on Maxtor Drives.

  • Samsung®

    From optical disk drives to standard hard disk, Samsung® builds the best for desktops or mobile applications including surveillance or DVR and the large enterprise. Samsung offers a complete line of HDD products. Out high quality HDD offer high performance audio output, and unsurpassed storage capacity.

  • Seagate
  • Seagate is the world’s largest manufacturer of hard drives and storage solutions. The company was founded in 1979 and in 2006 took Matrox over.

    They provide a wide range of PC hard drives and high performance SCSI hard drives. They are also known for the quality of their hard drives as well as their generally reasonable price.

    Personally I really like Seagate’s hard drives. They are usually quality for price and are an excellent option for anyone wanting a hard drive for their computer.

  • Western Digital
  • Western Digital is known for being one of the best hard drive makers in the world. Many people will only buy Western Digital Hard Drives. Western Digital is also famous for their fast Raptor Drive, which runs up to speeds of 10,000 RPMs.

    They are the maker of the popular Caviar line of PC hard drives and the manufacturer of several brands and types of hard disk drives for the home entertainment / media server market as well as external storage.

    As well as Seagate, these hard drives are excellent quality for price and size. They are very popular amongst computer savy people and I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to buy a hard drive.



Well hopefully now you have a good idea about the different hard drive manufacturers. As you can see there are so many different types and kinds of hard drives and it is sometimes hard to make a selection. If you don’t want to do any more research and would prefer to just get my opinion then I would recommend the following manufacturers.


In my opinion you cannot go wrong if you buy a hard drive with Western Digital or Seagate (Maxtor) and usually I buy from these two big companies.


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