Hard Drive Reviews

Hard Drive Reviews

This page is dedicated to giving you the best hard drive reviews. It will look at all the different brands and styles (portable, external and internal) and then give some recommendations. It won’t specifically review a certain hard drive, but it is the root directory for all the small reviews. So follow the links as you feel you need and find the appropriate hard drive reviews for you.


There are so many different kinds of hard drives that it can sometimes be hard to compare and review them. Firstly there are different hard drive makes, as in different sizes. There are laptop size (2.5″) and normal size (3.5″). Then there are different manufactures (Western Digital, Seagate etc.) There are also different uses for hard drives and these need to be all considered when you review a hard drive and then choose one for your needs.

We are now going to try and narrow down the type of hard drive that you need. That way the hard drive review that we get to in the end will be applicable to your situation. Once you have found the correct manufacturer just follow the links and then narrow it down further to your needs.

Hard Drive Size: Laptop or Normal

One of the biggest differences in types of hard drives is the size and this will help find the right hard drive reviews for you. If you want a laptop hard drive than a review on a normal hard drive will be of no use to you.

Hard Drive Manufacturer

Below I have listed different manufacturers of hard drives so that you can narrow down your search. I have also listed the type of hard drive underneath the manufacturer. If it hasn’t been linked out yet, then that means I have no hard drive reviews on that product.

Now there are differences between each hard drive manufacturer and you may have no idea which hard drive manufacturer to choose. Some of them make cheaper hard drives but loose out on quality. It is a good idea to review the different hard drive manufacturers and then be able to make a decision on which hard drive you want.

If you really don’t want to nut out the little details then you can go off my opinion and that would be Western Digital and Seagate hard drives. However this page on Hard Drive Manufacturers give a much broader opinion on many different manufacturers and you can find one that suits your needs.

External, Internal or Portable

By looking at the links above, you might think to yourself, what in the world is a External Hard Drive or what is a portable hard drive. So here are some brief descriptions so that you can know what they mean.

  1. The most common hard drive by far is the internal hard drive. This hard dive just stays in your computer and every computer must have one of these to operate.
  2. The second type of hard drive is the external hard drive. The external hard drive just sits outside your computer. It is useful for backing up your information and moving it.
  3. The third type is really another kind of external drive and that is the portable hard drive Portable hard drives are like external hard drives, except they are smaller in size and thus easier to bring around.

Want more info on this, just follow the appropriate links above.


Hopefully by now you have a good idea about different hard drives and the different options that you have. Hopefully you have read up on the brands of hard drives and on the types of hard drives, so that you know what section you want hard drive reviews on.

So have fun choosing the right hard drive for you and your needs!

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