How Do Computers Work? – The Answer!

How Do Computers Work?

So how do computers work?

Have you ever just looked at a computer and go “how does that work”?  If you think about it, computers are quite amazing.  You press a few buttons and you can talk to your friend over the other side of the world, you can learn anything you want on the internet, you can listen to music, watch TV, write stories, make videos and do much much more.  

The more you think about it the more amazing it is and the more crazy it is that a bunch of computer bits can do this.  So how do computers work?

Well I will try and answer this the best that I can.  Basically a computer can consist of two broad categories, hardware and software and the way a computer works is between these two working together. I will oultine them both briefly below.

Computer Hardware

If you have been reading any of this website, then you probably already understand what computer hardware is, because that is what this website is about. Like seriously,

So briefly: computer hardware is the physical computer that you actually see, this includes: the computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, speakers etc.  Inside the computer is more hardware, such as the hard drive, CPU (central processing unit), motherboard, RAM (random access memory) and more. 

Computer Software

Software on the other hand is the things that you can’t see.  Software is the name given to programs that are installed on the computer, such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Microsoft Word, Adobe Suite and others.  Software includes every program that you download from the internet, and play games with or use to do math problems etc.

So the thing with computers is that the software interprets and controls the computer hardware.  It provides the person using the computer with a visual “link” to the computer.


So for a computer to work, you need both the hardware and the software to be working and setup correctly and also be connecting with each-other correctly.  Too find out what every separate part does then I suggest you read up on the different components.


A certain type of software, called drivers, are used to interpret hardware so that it works with a certain operating system (eg. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac etc.).


Well I hope that this article on how do computers work has provided some light on this issue.


So go ahead, upgrade or change your computer! But do it safely! All the Best!


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