How to install a CPU?

How to install a CPU?

This tutorial on how to install a CPU, is one of the tutorials in the process of building your own computer. It will explain how to install a new CPU to your computer, rather than upgrading an existant CPU.


If you still need to choose a CPU, then go and do so now. There are a huge range of CPUs, so it is difficult to know which one to choose. The main thing is that the CPUs you buy
iconhave to be compatible with your motherboard, otherwise it won’t work and you would have wasted your money and your time. So make sure you choose the right CPU for your needs.

Installing a CPU seems like a hard task and can be daunting if you have never done it before, however if you are careful then all should go well. The CPU is the most important component in a computer and is extremely fragile. When touching the CPU always do so with extreme care and if you can avoid holding the CPU for lengthy amounts of time then I highly recommend that you do so. It would be a good idea to where an anti-static wrist strap while you work on your PC.

So are you ready to learn how to install a CPU?

Great! First you need to take your new processor out of its packaging. Inspect the pins on the underside of the processor and check that they are all straight. If they are all bent then you are going to have an extremely hard time straightening them, because if one pin breaks off than your processor most likely won’t work. If a couple are bent then get a small screwdriver and very carefully bend up the bent ones till they are all straight. Some of the more recent CPUs don’t have pins because the pins are on the motherboard, if so then you don’t need to worry about this step.

clsoe up cpu pins

Finding the CPU Socket

Next locate the CPU socket on the motherboard. It will look similar to the image below.

cpu pins located on motherboard

Open the Leaverfour step process in installing the cpu

Once you have found the CPU, proceed to open the leaver. This is done by locating the leaver on the side and pulling it up.

You need to move it from its locked down position to its open position in which the leaver is pointing straight up. You may need to pull the leaver to the right to be able to move it up. Be careful, your motherboard is ruined if you break this leaver.

Inserting the CPU

The next step in this tutorial on how to install a CPU, is the actual inserting of the processor.

Look at your CPU, you should see a little triangle or dot or a little notched corner. These little marks all represent pin 1. Next look on the motherboard and you should see a similar mark.

These marks need to match up when you insert the processor. So line up the marks and then slowly push down on the processor.

If you have lined everything up correctly, and the pins are not bent, then it should slide in easily. If it doesn’t slide in easily then take it out, look at it and make sure that no pins are bent, then locate the correct marking again and try once more. If neccessary place a little pressure on the CPU, but really it should just slide in to place.

Close the Leaver

Now simply close the leaver. This is just pulling the CPU leaver down and your CPU is installed.


In summary and in relation to the image on the right:icon

  1. Locate the CPU
  2. Open the Leaver
  3. Put the CPU in
  4. Close the Leaver


Recent CPUs

Some of the more recent CPUs and motherboards have a different connection method than the traditional leaver method. These CPUs have the pins built into the motherboard and the CPU has a surface that connects to the pins. The leaver covers the entire CPU.

This has completed the tutorial on how to install a CPU. Once you have completed installing your CPU then why not go on to how to install a CPU fan?

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