LCD Definition: LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display

LCD Definition

LCD Definition: LCD stands for Liquid Crytsal Display. A LCD screen is a flat planel, thin screen that are used for: mobile phones, watches, computer screens, TVs, and many other technologies.

An LCD computer monitor connects like the CRT monitors using a VGA plug, and many LCD monitors use a DVI (Digital Video Input) connection as well.

An LCD monitor is much lighter then a CRT monitor and it saves a huge amount of space on your desk, which is in some circumstances a huge advantage. The LCD monitor is also clearer as the glass is flat, instead of curved like the majority of CRT monitors.

LCD Definition

For me there would be no question as to what monitor to buy.


I would definitely go for the newer LCD screens. I would also buy a widescreen monitor.


More on choosing a monitor…


LCD Monitors are included on all laptops as it would be impossible to walk around with a large bulky CRT monitor.


A typical LCD monitor will be brighter then its CRT counterparts.


People that require exact colour consistency would prefer CRT monitors as the colours of a LCD monitor sometimes fluctuates.


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