Main Power Connector (20 pin)

Main Power Connector (20 pin)main power connector

The main power connector or the 20 pin power cable is the most important cable that proceeds from the power supply. It is the power connector that sends electricity to the motherboard. This page will show what the 20 pin power connector looks like and explain how to install it.

Install the Main Power Cable

1. The first step in installing the power cable is locating the main power cable port on the motherboard and the also the main power cable from

the power supply.


The second step in installing the main power cable is connecting the cable to the motherboard. On one side of the motherboard port will be a little indentation; the power cable will have a little clip which goes on the same side as the indentation. Push the cable down until you hear a click which means it is successfully connected. The photo below shows what it should like when you are finished.

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