Peripheral Power Cable (4 Pin)

Peripheral Power Cable (4 Pin)

A peripheral power cable is used to connect the older IDE hard drives and cd/dvd drives to the power supply. There are four cables (1 yellow, 2 black and 1 red). Sometimes there are eight cables, this happens when there is another cable coming out of it to connect to another hard drive or cd drive.

peripheral power cable


These peripheral power connectors were the original power cables in a computer and were used most commonly for hard drives or cd drives. However, they are sometimes used in an array of tasks in the computer: additional motherboard power, video card power, fans, lighting etc.

This cable is commonly called the 4 pin molex power cable, but this can be confused with the 4 pin main power cable which is a molex cable too. This power cable can sometimes be found with only two cables. This version of the power cable is for fans in the case so do not attach it to your hard drive or cd drive.

The picture on the right explains how to install the peripheral power connector into a hard drive. To see a photo of the cable being connected to a cd drive click here.

The first step to connecting power to a hard drive is identifying the 4-pin peripheral cable. Next get the hard drive you are connecting to and place the power cable inside the hard drive like the photo demonstrates. The power cable will only go in one way and the yellow cable(s) will be closest to the edge of the hard drive.

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