How to reset BIOS Password

How to Reset BIOS Password?

So how do you reset BIOS password? This page will show you how. In the BIOS setup is where your BIOS password would of been created. You have either forgotton the password, or someone gave you the computer and now you can’t open your BIOS to edit some options.

So what do you do?

Reset the BIOS Password! Resetting the BIOS password is actually easier then it sounds. Basically you have two options. You can take out the CMOS battery (which remembers the BIOS information) or in more modern machines you can move a little jumper on the motherboard which is mostly called Clear CMOS, or reset BIOS to defaults or something.

1. Take the CMOS Battery Out

Firstly we will look at the CMOS battery way, which is the way all the oldies had to do it. First, shut down your computer and remove the power cable. Then open up the computer and then locate the CMOS battery on your motherboard.

Reset BIOS Password

Next you will need to press in the little metal side in and flick the battery out. Leave the battery out for 20 – 30 minutes. Then re-insert your battery, plug in the power cable, and turn your computer on.


Press the key to enter your BIOS setup and then proceed to setup your BIOS accordingly.

Now for the second option in resetting the BIOS password. This option is a lot quicker then the first.


2. Use the Clear CMOS Jumper

First you will need to shut down your computer, take out the power cable and open up your pc. Then you need to look on your motherboard, for a few pins with a jumper on them. Don’t just take out random jumpers make sure you find the right one.


Remember not every motherboard will have the pins. Hopefully you can find some clear CMOS pins that look something like the picture below. This picture below is a really zoomed in picture of the one above (you can see the CMOS battery on the right there).


clearing the cmos password

Can you see the small text on the motherboard explaining the clear CMOS jumper. It says: 1-2 Normal, 2-3 CLEAR CMOS. That means if you leave the jumper on pins 1-2 then the BIOS information will still be remembered. But if you change the pin to 2-3 then all the BIOS information is cleared and forgotten.


So if you want to reset the BIOS password just place the jumper on pins 2-3 for about 1 minute then place it back on pins 1-2 and the process of resetting your bios is complete.


So now you know how to reset BIOS password.

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