SATA the better alternative to IDE

SATA the better alternative to IDE

by Deon

(Johannesburg, South Africa)

After a year it is time to open the box and change the dvd writer. I am no phd in computers but can get my way by. I notice a small black conncector on the motherboard next to the ide cable and wonder what this can be. My logic convince that this is an alternative to IDE.

I phone the computer shop. Before I can ask for ATA the salesman yells someting about SATA. What’s this?

I can see the value of SATA versus the old IDE. I always google my way to the answers and would like to make my contribution where I can. If you want to buy a hard drive today and do not know what to choose. In the long term if you think about system compatibillity go for SATA. . .

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