Wireless Cards Versus Ethernet (or LAN?)

Wireless Cards Versus Ethernet (or LAN?)

by Susan

(Calgary, AB, Canada)

I just read your interesting article on wireless cards so now I know how a wireless card differs from a regular ethernet card. I was always too afraid to install the D-link modem in case I would mess things up with regard to security if I wasn’t sure what I was doing.

Up until I read this article I didn’t realize I needed two cards with an antenna on them to connect two desktop computers, one wirelessly, and that the bottom picture should suffice for a desktop also, if it already has an ethernet plug in for the modem. (Is that what it’s called? An ethernet plug-in? — Or a LAN plug-in?)

What I’m wondering now is if people can buy such cards with switches on the back of them that they can turn off when not in use to ENSURE that no one is tapping into their computer. Would feel more comfortable that way.

Answer: It wouldn’t be helpful to have a switch-off on the wireless card as this would just prevent that computer from connecting to the router, rather then preventing the router from connecting to the other computers.

If you want to be secure, just make sure the router is! I would use WPA-2. If you want to be more secure, you can turn the router off over night, or switch off the wireless.

Hope that helps.
Thanks Nathanael


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