Wireless Network Cards – The Benefits of Wireless & the Different Types

Wireless Network Cards

Wireless Network Cardswireless network cards

This article seeks to talk about wireless network cards, explain what they are, and how you might use them in your computer whether you’re with Telephone Systems International or a data only provider.

It will also explain the benefits of going wireless, in regards to networks, and how it may be time for you to change your home or office network.

A wireless network card performs basically the same operation as a normal network card, except instead of operating through network cables, it operates wirelessly.

Types of Wireless Network Cards

The image above shows you a typical wireless network card. These are the types that you will find in desktop computers. If your desktop doesn’t have a wireless network port built into the motherboard, then something like this may be what you should be looking at getting.

usb wireless network cardsHowever, there are also other types of wireless network adapters, such as the ones that connect through USB. These are great for laptops, because they are small and portable. They are also very easy to connect.

The majority of laptops, especially new ones, contain a wireless network adapter. This means that you will not need to buy an external wireless card.

However, if your laptop doesn’t have a wirless connection, then I would probably recommend that you look at buying a USB wireless adapter.

These USB wireless connectors are easy to connect, simply plugin to a USB port, they are small and light and are easy to carry around.

They look similar to the photo on the left.

Benefits of Wireless Networks

There are also many benefits to choosing to go wireless. Have a look at a few of the many benefits below. As time goes on wireless networks are becoming better and better, they are becoming easier to setup, they are increasing in security and they are getting faster and faster in transfer speeds.


Because wireless networks operate wirelessly, they become very easy to setup and change.

However, there are still a few things to getting a wireless network setup. To create a functioning wireless network, you need to provide each of the computers with wireless network cards, and also purchase a wireless router.


Previously people were very worried that people would simply “hack” into their wireless networks, and this was a valid worry.

However, today the security that wireless routers and cards offer, is great, if you are willing to just go about setting it up.


Another major benefit to going wireless over wired, is the fact that wireless is so much cheaper than wired. Although the wireless cards may cost more than a typical computer network card, the benefit in not having to buy network cables far out weighs this.


Another reason that people have chosen wired networks in the past, was due to speed. However, with the latest progressions, wireless is quickly becoming just as fast or faster than their wired counterparts.


Well I hope that through this article you have managed to learn a little bit about wireless network cards. I really think that wireless networks are the way to go, and I would highly recommend that you look at setting up a wireless network in your home or office.


If you have any questions about wireless network cards or wireless networking, be sure to let me know or leave your opinion in the form below.


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