How to Install RAM – Do it Yourself

How to install RAM?

This tutorial on how to install RAM is the third tutorial in the Build Your Own Computer Guide. Hopefully your motherboard and power supply have already been installed into the case. Remember it is possible to do the steps backwards and install some of the components first before installing the motherboard in the case.


This tutorial is on how to install RAM in a new computer, but if you want to upgrade your computer with new RAM or replace existing RAM then I suggest you look at this tutorial on how to upgrade your computer memory.

So you have installed your motherboard and power supply? Great, lets move on and learn how to install the RAM. Installing RAM (computer memory) is very easy to do and probably the easiest task in building a computer.

If you still need to choose your computer memory then I suggest you do so now. If you have already bought a motherboard, then it does narrow down your options for buying computer memory. For example a motherboard that has DDR slots will only take DDR RAM.

Types of RAM

There are four types of RAM that are currently in existant, although SDRAM is quickly on the backward slide.

If you have an antistatic wrist strap then I suggest you put it on, to prevent anything happening to your memory and I also suggest that you do not place your computer on carpet because it adds to the static electricity which could fry your computer parts.

Locate the RAM slots

So locate the memory slots on your motherboard they will look similar to the image below.

memory slots ddr

Installing the RAM

Next, take the memory out of their plastic sleaves. There will be one or two indentations on your RAM (depending on what type of RAM you have). These indentations need to face the notches on the RAM slots. Now take the RAM and push them into place, the little RAM clicks should snap into place. If you have any trouble the image below should help you.

If you have multiple memory sticks then put them all in and your memory is installed.

how to install ram

Checking your Installation

You will only be able to tell if these are successfully installed when you start up your computer after adding the rest of the components.

If the screen comes up and you don’t here a series of beepings then your RAM is successfully installed. To check if all your RAM is recognized by your system, then you need to go to the bios setup, which will display the amount of RAM that is recognized, you can also check in Windows, Control Panel, System.

bios setup ram

Once you have completed this tutorial on how to install RAM, you are ready to move on to installing the CPU.

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